ZONR earns a perfect score from Gamezebo

The first review of ZONR has appeared on the internet, and it’s a perfect score! Gamezebo awarded ZONR a 5/5 noting that it’s the epitome of what a mobile game should be.

Here’s an excerpt from the review: “ZONR is a rare treat. It’s a game so intuitive that it doesn’t even require instructions, yet so challenging that you’ll find yourself cursing out loud at your inability to do the one simple task it asks of you. It’s colourful, fast-paced, perfect for quick gameplay bursts, and nearly impossible to put down. Oh – and did we mention it’s free?”

Click HERE to visit gamezebo.com to read the full review.

ZONRâ„¢ now available.

The 17th of November 2011 has come up faster than I expected and I’m now happy to announce that ZONR is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

Please if you’re reading this, please pick up your favorite Apple device and download ZONR. It’s FREE. And, the more people who download it at once, the higher up the app store charts it will go.

Also, spread the word about our new game. Make use of Game Center, the new iOS 5 Twitter functions, and the email to challenge your friends to a game of ZONR today.

Click HERE to download ZONR for iPhone/iPod and iPad.

ZONRâ„¢ submitted to Apple

After a much longer development period that originally intended, ZONR has just been submitted to Apple for review. Development on ZONR began on the 2nd of August 2011 and completed on the 1st of November. If you’re interested in more about the day to day development you can read my developer diary on Gamezebo here.

The extra time put into making the game look, sound and play great has paid off and I can’t wait until you all can play it!


ZONR™ is a frantic action puzzle game from KlickTock. Available as a Universal app running on iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

The rules are simple – TOUCH THE LARGEST ZONE. In just 90 seconds try to earn 500,000 points. Featuring music from DISASTERPEACE.


Gamezebo 5/5 – “Offering quick sessions, intuitive gameplay, and fast-paced, challenging fun, it’s the epitome of what a mobile game should be.”

Touch Arcade – “I think it’s fair to say by now that KlickTock is a master of creating tiny slices of gaming.”

ZONR. Download from the App Store.

Little Things® Forever – Coming soon!

I’ve been hard at work over the last six months working on several simultaneous projects. Having just one person spread their workload across multiple games isn’t necessarily great for quick game releases. However, at this point I’m happy to announce the upcoming release of Little Things Forever!

Little Things Forever will be released not just on iPad, but also on iPhone, iPod, PC and Mac platforms. It will also feature many more things to find than the original – a whole new set of jigsaw puzzles to solve – and other mini-games designed to expand gameplay beyond searching and solving.

Little Things Forever is deep in development and will be available in 2012. I can’t wait until you all can play it!

Little Things® Forever - Coming Soon

Advice for a young developer

Matthew Hall was recently contacted by Gamezebo to contribute to an interesting and unusual article.

In case you all haven’t heard Robert Nay, an 8th Grader, managed to top the charts with his game Bubble Ball. Jim Squires from Gamezebo contacted a group of prominent developers asking for advice for his future!

“The particular piece of advice I gave is one I actually learnt from an employee of Valve.” says Matthew. “They bring in new testers regularly to test their games, while the developers watch behind glass. It can be quite cringeworthy seeing people stuck again and again, but clearly reveals flaws in their games – and the system works! Even though I’m just a one-man-band studio, this kind of end user testing has been very beneficial to the development of my own games.”

Click HERE to visit Gamezebo.com and read the full article. Good luck with your career Robert!

Little Things honored by Games Radar

Little Things has been featured by Games Radar in their “Top 50 iPad games of 2010”! We’re very happy to be featured alongside such app store highlights as Fruit Ninja HD, The Incident, Osmos and many more! It’s great that our little family game is able to appeal to the “hardcore” gamers of the world. Thanks Games Radar!

Click HERE to visit Games Radar to see the full list.

Doodle Find hits 1.5 million downloads!

KlickTock is celebrating tonight as we’ve just passed 1.5 million downloads of Doodle Find! It’s been a long road since Doodle Find 1.0’s release in May 2010. We’ve listened to our players and continued to improve the play experience for everyone. As well as the new objects and new languages added to the free version, Doodle Find Pro has been updated with two additional game modes. More to come in the future!

Thanks to everyone who helped us to achieve this amazing milestone. Please head over to our Facebook page to join in the celebrations!

TheAppleGoogle interviews Matthew Hall

TheAppleGoogle.com have posted an interview featuring Matthew Hall of KlickTock.

In the interview, Matthew discusses the success and origins of Little Things on iPad, and offers insight into the current state of the App Store.

“It was developed over a very long period of time. I had the idea about 5 years ago when Hidden Object games first started appearing in the marketplace. I wanted to try to recapture the fascination I had with seek and find books when I was a kid.”

Click HERE to visit TheAppleGoogle to read the full interview.

Little Things – Review round up

Reviews for Little Things have been popping up all over the net since its release on Thursday.

We had an excellent review from AppAdvice. The following quote from their review made us really proud. “Little Things is without a doubt the best hidden object game in the App Store with so much challenge and fun packed in, like the little things packed in the overall object.”

SlideToPlay also took a look at our game and pondered the metaphysics of objects being made up of other objects being made up of even more objects! They also really enjoyed Little Things’ jigsaw puzzle mini-game.

AppVee gave us a great video review. Erik noted the game gave him a nice sense of nostalgia for the I-Spy books he enjoyed as a kid.

Another App review from Jonathan from JRWRITERTV I really enjoyed watching.

Hopefully more reviews will appear throughout this week, and I’ll be sure to post links on here when they do!