Shooty Skies Overdrive

Escape the arcade in Shooty Skies Overdrive, an action-packed VR shoot-em up-designed for Oculus Quest. Dodge and weave your way through dynamically generated enemy waves and blast them at point-blank range. An incredible journey through colorful retro worlds and ridiculous alien invaders.

A room-scale BULLET HELL shooter experience, inspired by 1980s arcade RETRO classics.

With your spare hand, snatch a POWER-UP out of the air to get the jump on your enemies. A CHAINSAW? A YO-YO? Is that a SHARK ON A FREAKIN’ STICK?

Want to just chill in your armchair? That’s OK! Switch to CHILL difficulty and take it easy, couch potato. Want an extra challenge? Just switch the game difficulty to OVERDRIVE! (Nice knowing you BTW)

You’re not done yet… Go back and fly challenging side missions to unlock an entire SQUADRON of diverse pilots.

Shooty Skies Overdrive is cross-buy enabled for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest.

Shooty Skies Overdrive - Gameplay GIF

Little Things®

Little Things® Remastered is a hidden object game with a unique style and beautiful soundtrack. Search colorful patchworks for thousands of little things, solving jigsaw puzzles along the way.

Featuring remastered artwork and soundtracks from Little Things (2009) and Little Things Forever (2012). Packaged together so fans can continue to play forever, for free.


#1 game on the App Store in 50 countries. App Store Editor’s Choice.

Hipster Whale (creators of Crossy Road) and BANDAI NAMCO Studios Vancouver have perfectly recaptured creator Iwatani Toru’s original PAC-MAN universe for a modern day mobile experience. Players can expect to encounter plenty of Pac-Dots, Power Pellets, and the notorious ghost ensemble: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. PAC-MAN 256 will also feature coins, power ups, and more to spice-up the thrilling pursuit.

PAC-MAN 256 was co-developed by Hipster Whale, 3 Sprockets and Bandai Namco Vancouver. PAC-MAN 256 is available on Google Play, Amazon and the App Store.

Crossy Road®

This super addictive arcade game went to #1 on the App Store all around the world.
Endless freeways, railroads and rivers to hop over.
Collect custom made characters including bunnies, cats, monsters and more.
Free to play. Light on your wallet.

Little Things Forever – Rotating Puzzle Help!

Every now and then I receive email from players who are having trouble solving the 25 Piece Puzzle in Little Things Forever. This puzzle is unique in that the image on the pieces rotates! It can be quite a difficult puzzle to solve. I’ve put together a short YouTube video showing the best way to tackle the puzzle.

Discoverie #7DFPS

Discoverie is a beautiful dangerous voxel roguelike developed in just 7 days as a part of the #7DFPS Game Jam 2013. It was developed in collaboration with Melbourne artist and musican Ben Weatherall.

Explore an infinite procedurally generated dungeon inhabited by dangerous creatures. Experiment with the enemies and environment to uncover hidden keys. Inspired by a wide variety of sources including the non-linear first person shooters of Looking Glass, Jon Blow’s thoughts on “The Joy Of Discovery”, the peaceful lands of Proteus and the dangerous unpredictable world of Spelunky.

Discoverie 7DFPS Banner

Discoverie 7DFPS is available for free for PC Mac Web + Linux and features support for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset.

“If you have a play of any one of the games listed here, ensure that it is this one.” – Rock Paper Shotgun
“Meandering through the tight corridors and finding a new larger room that then opens up your mini-map further is pretty satisfying.” –
“It’s so many of my favourite things in one place I sort of had to include it.” – Eurogamer

Discoverie 7DFPS - Click here for secrets

KlickTock participating in #7DFPS

Ben Weatherall and Matthew Hall are teaming up to produce a game for this year’s 7DFPS. Running from August 10-17, the aim with the 7DFPS game jam is to produce a first person shooter in just 7 days.

Discoverie is an infinite dungeon crawler inspired by titles such as The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky, Terraria, Minecraft and FEZ. Enter a randomly generated world, discover its secrets and survive as long as you can.

Daily updates to the game will be posted on 7DFPS.COM.

Play Deck War at PAX Australia

Deck War is coming to PAX! Both Matthew Hall and Ben Weatherall will be attending the first ever PAX Australia in Melbourne from July 19th to July 21st. Deck War will be playable at the Indie Pavilion along with many other Australian developed games.

We’ll be giving away Deck War badges and beta invitations on the show floor. Pick up your invite and sign up online to receive two special cards available when the game launches.

Deck War Finley And Flora First

Deck War™

Deck War is an upcoming collectible card game from KlickTock. You will play a deck god able to summon an army trapped within cursed cards to fight for your cause. Drag and drop cards from your collection into the battlefield and watch fantastic creatures spring to life and do battle. Hundreds of cards will be available to collect and fuse from a variety of factions within the beautifully realized world.

Deck War is currently in development and will be available in 2015.



Little Things® Forever is free for Android

CRESWICK, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA – December 15th 2012 – KlickTock is delighted to announce the long awaited arrival of their Metacritic 90% rated game Little Things Forever for Android. The genre-breaking seek and find game is the sequel to the original Little Things, an iPad App of the Week.

“Launching Little Things Forever for free on Android will hopefully allow us to find a wide audience around the world.” said Matthew Hall, Founder of KlickTock. “Little Things Forever at launch supports 13 languages including Chinese, Korean and Japanese.”

Little Things Forever contains 10 new colorful mosaics to pore over and an atmospheric soundtrack produced by Vel9 Studios.

“Android support has been requested ever since the release of the original. Switching the game engine to Unity3D made supporting Android possible and I’ve been long looking forward to the release.”

Little Things Forever is free for Android in 13 languages

Little Things Forever Android app on Google Play