Advice for a young developer

Matthew Hall was recently contacted by Gamezebo to contribute to an interesting and unusual article.

In case you all haven’t heard Robert Nay, an 8th Grader, managed to top the charts with his game Bubble Ball. Jim Squires from Gamezebo contacted a group of prominent developers asking for advice for his future!

“The particular piece of advice I gave is one I actually learnt from an employee of Valve.” says Matthew. “They bring in new testers regularly to test their games, while the developers watch behind glass. It can be quite cringeworthy seeing people stuck again and again, but clearly reveals flaws in their games – and the system works! Even though I’m just a one-man-band studio, this kind of end user testing has been very beneficial to the development of my own games.”

Click HERE to visit and read the full article. Good luck with your career Robert!

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