Little Things – Review round up

Reviews for Little Things have been popping up all over the net since its release on Thursday.

We had an excellent review from AppAdvice. The following quote from their review made us really proud. “Little Things is without a doubt the best hidden object game in the App Store with so much challenge and fun packed in, like the little things packed in the overall object.”

SlideToPlay also took a look at our game and pondered the metaphysics of objects being made up of other objects being made up of even more objects! They also really enjoyed Little Things’ jigsaw puzzle mini-game.

AppVee gave us a great video review. Erik noted the game gave him a nice sense of nostalgia for the I-Spy books he enjoyed as a kid.

Another App review from Jonathan from JRWRITERTV I really enjoyed watching.

Hopefully more reviews will appear throughout this week, and I’ll be sure to post links on here when they do!

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