Little Things – Apple’s iPad App of the Week

Very pleased to announce that Little Things is Apple’s iPad App of the Week! It’ll be featured on the App Store (in USA and Canada) throughout this week. As a result Little Things is racing up the chart!

Thanks to Apple for recognising our game!

Don’t forget about the opening sale at just US$2.99. You have just a few more days to pick up Little Things at this opening price before returning to it’s regular price of US$4.99.

Little Things for iPad – Out Now!

Little Things for iPad is being released today, and is currently rolling out around the world. It’s available now in Australia, NZ and South East Asia and will be available in all other territories later today.

There’s a sale on for the first few days of release, so jump in quick and you can be playing Little Things for just US$2.99.

In addition, to celebrate the release, we’re offering discounts on Super Search 60 Pro and Doodle Find Pro.

Little Things for iPad –
Available from the App Store

Little Things previewed on

I’m unsure as to how I missed this news, but Little Things was recently previewed on They’re really excited about our upcoming title – as are we.

AppAdvice also has a really amazing iPhone/iPad app which makes viewing their news a snap!

Click HERE to visit and read the article.

Little Things®

All the family can enjoy Little Things®, the innovative Hidden Object game for iPad®. Search colorful collages built from thousands of little things. Little Things features randomized lists so that you get a different game each time you play. Find over 7000 cleverly hidden objects, solve 99 jigsaw puzzles and collect 10 challenging badges.

* Fun for the whole family.
* Incredible artwork.
* Hours of gameplay.
* Thousands of little things to find.


Little Things for iPad. Download from the App Store.

Super Search 60 – iPhone 4 and iPad

Another quick approval from Apple sees the release of Super Search 60 for iPhone 4 and iPad just days after it was submitted.

Just like Doodle Find, Super Search 60 is now a universal app featuring high resolution graphics for iPhone 4’s retina display and iPad. Existing users of Super Search 60 and Super Search 60 Pro just have to update their application to reap the benefits. Users who update to iOS 4 will also be able to use the new multitasking features which allows them to take a call and resume the game once they’re finished.

Super Search 60 also implements Apple’s new “iAd” advertising network which will be going live from July 1st.

Here’s a collection of screenshots from the iPad version. Note the extra column of objects!

Doodle Find – iPhone 4 and iPad

Doodle Find has just been updated to add extensive support for the features of iPhone 4. All graphics have been redone to suit iPhone 4’s amazing new retina display. In addition the game now supports iOS4’s new multitasking feature. You’ll no longer have to worry about whether or not to take a call when you’re on a perfect run!

We’ve also added support for the iPad. Doodle Find is now a universal app. If you already have it downloaded for iPhone the same version will run on iPad.

Super Search 60 has also been updated with the same features, as well as the pro version however, we’re waiting on approval from Apple.

KlickTock’s Matthew Hall interviewed by Gamezebo

Matthew Hall was recently interviewed by Jim Squires of Gamezebo to discuss Hidden Object games on the iPhone.

As well as covering concerns about the popularity and future of the genre, Matthew also discusses the inspiration and early development of Super Search 60.

“After the launch of Little Things, I became interested in iPhone as the App Store was maturing. But the screen resolution was so different. Accessibility and legibility was important to me. I’d been playing a lot of Bejeweled Blitz on the iPhone and suddenly had the idea of blending the two genres. I loved the idea of a game that is over so quickly so players can fill up the spare time they have throughout the day.”

Click HERE to read the full interview.

Super Search 60 – Featured on AppAdvice Daily

Was great to see that AppAdvice covered the limited free promotion of Super Search 60 Pro on their video postcast App Advice daily! Skip in to 2:10 if you want to see them discuss our game.

Don’t forget that free version of Super Search 60 is available from the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Click HERE to download.

Doodle Find Pro – Available Now!

Doodle Find Pro has just been approved for sale at the App Store. Doodle Find Pro has more ways to play and does not have any advertisements.

At launch, Doodle Find Pro adds a new untimed game mode called “Marathon”. Keep playing as long as you can – if you fail to find an object speedily enough, your game ends. Marathon Mode’s scoreboard is also not reset each week, so you can permanently record your highest score.

More game modes will be added to Doodle Find Pro in upcoming updates!

Doodle Find is on sale for US$0.99 for opening week, so grab it as soon as you can!

Click HERE to download Doodle Find Pro!

Doodle Find – half a million downloads!


Passed a major milestone earlier today – Doodle Find has now had 500,000 copies downloaded around the world. Thanks so much to all our players, especially to those in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Austria and Germany.

We hope you all continue to play and enjoy finding doodles every day!