Little Things Forever: New Puzzle!

Apologies for making everyone wait SO long, but the first major update for Little Things Forever FINALLY made it to the App Store today! 25 more puzzle pieces to collect and one new puzzle to unlock. This will be the first of many, and I’ll do my best to ensure updates are more frequent in the future.

Head over to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and update to receive the new puzzle for FREE!

Little Things Forever – PC and Mac

For those of you out there gaming with a mouse, I’m happy to announce that Little Things Forever is now available on PC and Mac!

The game is currently available exclusively from Big Fish Games. Thanks to the folks over at Big Fish for hosting our game and hopefully everyone finds it just as fun on PC as they do on touch devices.

The PC version can be downloaded from here: Little Things Forever – PC
The Mac version can be downloaded from here: Little Things Forever – OSX

Matthew Hall interviewed by Weekend Sunrise

Earlier in the week my family and I played host to Paul Marshall from Weekend Sunrise and the interview aired this morning. For those who don’t know, I live and work from the family sheep farm located in rural Australia. It was great to get to show off our little part of the world; Holly especially enjoyed watching herself on TV. I hope that you all enjoy watching too! Thanks to Channel 7 for the visit, you’re all welcome back at any time!

Little Things Forever – Review Round Up

I can barely believe it’s already been a week since the launch of Little Things Forever. It’s been a hive of activity with both ups and downs. I was very disappointed to find the game crashing on iPod touch 4th Generations, but managed to expedite an update. Since then people all around the world have been leaving great reviews for Little Things Forever!

We also did a limited sale for the original Little Things, dropping the price to FREE for the first time. We got a great reception and saw thousands of downloads and Little Things returned to the charts across the world. Hopefully all these new players will also enjoy Little Things Forever.

There has also been a lot of press coverage and great reviews of Little Things!

First review was from Gamezebo who gave Little Things Forever a 5/5! Thanks to Eli for the write up.

AppSpy was also a 5/5! They’re a video review site (if you haven’t already visited them), so be sure to stop by their site to watch the review.

Julie from AppAdvice‘s write up is here.
AppAddict gave us 4/5.
Jay Is Games‘ John B gave us a great review. Thanks John!
Slide To Play also gave us 4 out of 5.
And 148Apps also gave us a great write up and 4.5/5!
Also, AppTudes had a 4/5 for us also.

As you know Little Things Forever has been localized into 11 (soon to be 12) languages, and we’ve been getting reviews from around the world.

Stromstock‘s 4 star review is here. While AppsJP gave us a score of 82/100.

App Gemeinde awarded us with 5.5/6 and even assisted us to clean up the German localization. Thanks Tobi!

Launch day for Little Things Forever!

As midnight on May the 31st 2012 rolls its way around the world our latest title “Little Things Forever” becomes available on the App Store. We’ve released the final version of the trailer, which can be accessed from the front page. We’re also starting to see previews pop up around the web.

Pocket Gamer, a UK based site, published their preview as did one of our favorites, Polygon. The triceratops patchwork makes a featured appearance in that article!

We’ve also had a lot of requests for promo codes this morning from review websites. There are still some left so, if you’d like to review Little Things Forever for your website, please get in contact with us.

Click here to visit the App Store and download Little Things Forever.

Little Things Forever – May 31st

Happy to announce that Little Things Forever will be available on May 31st from the App Store. Little Things Forever is a universal app able to run on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and will be available for US$2.99 (and the equivalent in the currency of your choice).

And today is also the release of the Little Things Forever trailer. I hope you’ll enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole!

Little Things Forever preview on Gamezebo

I was recently interviewed by Eli Cymet of Gamezebo and the full interview will be published tomorrow. In the meantime, you can have a read of Gamezebo’s preview where they reveal a few tidbits of information about the imminent release of the sequel to Little Things.

Click here to visit and read the full article.

Little Things® Forever

Little Things Forever is the sequel to the App of The Week, Little Things®. Now available on iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, PC, Mac® and Linux.

* Thousands of little things to find.
* Incredible artwork and a beautiful soundtrack.
* Retina display support on iPhone and the new iPad.
* Randomly generated lists of things to find means you can be entertained forever! Excellent value.
* 151 puzzle pieces to collect and 11 puzzles to solve.
* Supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many more.
* Fun for all the family.


Little Things Forever. Download from the App Store.

Little Things Forever Android app on Google Play

ZONR reviewed by JayIsGames

Another big thank you today for one of my favourite websites,, who just gave ZONR a great review!

John B, the reviewer said, “The simple reflex game is focused on quick recognition skills, challenging you to act fast, act decisively, and recover from your mistakes without hesitation. Stressful? Never! More fun than it ought to be? You bet!”

Click HERE to visit to read the full review.

ZONR reviewed by Touch Arcade

Those who love iPhone games will certainly know of the website Touch Arcade. They have just posted a fantastic review of ZONR and it’s my first time appearing on their website.

They call ZONR “A fantastic puzzle-arcade collaboration” giving praise for the gameplay, graphics and most importantly, the soundtrack provided by Disasterpeace.

Here’s an excerpt from the review: “As you play ZONR, the sounds play back with cheery notes that fit beautifully with the music. So each time you correctly choose the largest piece, you’re rewarded, and each time you miss you’re punished with a discordant note. The screen shakes, flashing red, and worse – your multiplier falls. This is one of those arcade games, the ones that let you build up incredible scores by playing perfectly, but that will grab that score back as soon as you make a mistake.”

Click here to visit Touch Arcade and read the full review.