Doodle Find topping the charts around the world!

A little update on Doodle Find – it’s going GREAT! Doodle Find has made it to the #1 slot in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau! Thanks to Apple for featuring the game in Australia and Europe.

The game has also been performing very well in the UK, Austria, Germany and Thailand making it to #3 in each of those territories. German translation is currently being implemented and should be available for the next Doodle Find update.

We’re also in the top 100 games of many other countries and climbing!

Thanks to the outstanding response we’ve had to Doodle Find, we’re expanding our plans for updates. The first update is in the works, and will shortly be sent for approval.

AppSpy review Doodle Find

The very talented bunch at AppSpy recently posted their video review of Doodle Find. Very happy that they and enjoyed the game, and also very happy because this is the first Video review of Doodle Find.

Andrew, the lead review at AppSpy summed up Doodle Find thusly: “If you’re a casual gamer on the go then you’ll find Doodle Find to be a great App thanks to its fun, bite sized and simple gameplay style.”

Click HERE to visit and watch the review.

Doodle Find – Monday Reviews

Hello! Two more reviews for Doodle Find. Our friends at presented Doodle Find as part of their Mobile Monday article while wrote a glowing review on their website.

GG Goblin wrote “Well, Doodle Find is bright and colourful, very easy to play and surprisingly addictive. All of this and it’s free. I cannot see any reason for people not to get this great little game. Go and get it, now!”

John B from Jay Is Games: “It’s every bit as addictive as Super Search 60, but the new visual direction, the added time, and all of the other little extras make it feel even more polished.”

Thanks so much guys (and girls)!

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Doodle Find – more reviews!

More reviews are appearing each day. This time I have links to reviews from, and a nice piece I found on a blogger site titled “Don’t Tell Me Not To Fly”.

Games Uncovered had recently reviewed Super Search 60 and so took the time to explain the key differences between the titles. “The items are again, easily recognisable but still come in a number of different colours and orientations so they aren’t immediately obvious. Both games do a good job of making sure that you’re not finding the exact same objects round after round thanks to their extensive libraries of small graphics.”

Razorian Fly found the game thanks to a twitter connection and loved it! “The game is very addictive and one you will want to keep tapping ‘play again?’ over and over. To add to that, the game is actually free as well and with so many apps in the App Store at the moment, it is not often you come across a well designed, enjoyable game for FREE. This is one game I would have quite happily paid for.”

While searching for Doodle Find information I came across this blog where the writer had described their experiences discovering the game. I got a kick out of the post as it does a great job of summarising the Doodle Find experience. “I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for hidden object game! So this was perfect for me. Sometimes, I will feel like whacking myself on the head cause the item was STARING at me and yet I can’t seem to find it until the game prompt me! *ROARS!* But yes, it’s excellent!”

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Doodle Find™

Doodle Find™ is a social hidden object game for iPhone and iPad. Compete against your friends – and the world – via online leaderboards. Each game takes only 90 seconds, so it’s perfect for a spot of procrastination between tasks, or for when you know your train is just two minutes away.

• Insatiable addiction within minutes.
• Seek out hundreds of colourful doodle objects.
• More DPM (Doodles per minute) than any other game.

Doodle FindDoodle FindDoodle Find

Doodle Find – First reviews are in!

Doodle Find has received four fantastic reviews from some of our favorite sites!,, and all received early copies of the game and have posted their reviews in advance of the game’s launch.

AppSmile wrote that “We fell in love with Doodle Find’s art right away. The object designs are cute and endearing – especially the owls and penguins!” and also “We are having great fun with Doodle Find as it bests Super Search 60 in every way. It’s not hard to find 5-Dimples of value in this app.”

AppSafari tells us that “Having played both Super Search 60 and Doodle Find many times, I can say that Doodle Find is an across the board improvement on an already fabulous game. I have no doubt that this is going to be a massively popular game, so keep an eye out. Doodle Find is one of the best hidden object games I’ve played on the iPhone, which makes it doubly impressive that it is going to be 100% free. Believe me when I say that there’s really no downside here, just a seriously fantastic free app from a top-notch indie developer.”

AppAddict says “KlickTock has been able to once again find that wining combination of simplicity, creativity, entertainment and addictive “one-more-time” gameplay. Even if this game were not free, I would STILL highly recommend checking it out. Remember to grab your free copy this Saturday when the game releases.”

Gamezebo’s thoughts “A hidden object experience custom made for the iPhone. Great art style and fun gameplay.”

Thanks so much for the kind reviews!

Click HERE to read the review from

Click HERE to read the review from

Click HERE to read the review from

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First press coverage of Doodle Find

Thanks to Gamezebo for posting a preview of Doodle Find!

Gamezebo is a website I’ve been visiting for years and they’re always great at covering and reviewing the latest Casual Games releases. They reviewed Little Things last year. Recently they’ve expanded their platform coverage to include the iPhone.

Be sure to bookmark them!

Click HERE to visit and read the preview.

Games Uncovered plays Super Search 60

Another review popped up today, this time by Games Uncovered – a really great game review site that you all should visit and bookmark. They are regularly updated with quality reviews covering a wide variety of games.

Here’s what they had to say about Super Search 60…

“Often the most simple things turn out to be the best; Super Search 60 has an instantly likable charm that’s doled out in quick fire sixty second rounds and is nigh impossible to put down. You’ll be itching for another go, especially with the social connectivity via Facebook.”

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Doodle Find™ coming on May 15th!

We’re absolutely thrilled senseless about the upcoming release of our new title Doodle Find™! We learnt a lot from the release of our previous game Super Search 60 and we’ve taken everything that we loved about the title, messed with the concept, pushed some buttons and have come up with something immediately fun for the KlickTock newcomers, but challenging for the Super Search 60 experts.

The game is completely FREE of course, so there’s no excuse not to jump on and try it out!

What we really NEED from our dedicated fans is for everyone to head out to the Apple App Store on the May 15th, 2010 and download Doodle Find™ the moment it’s released! We’ll be sending out a notification when the game is available for download via Twitter and Facebook. If you’re not already a fan of KlickTock or following us on Twitter, please be sure to do so!

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Super Search 60 V3.0

Major news today for Super Search 60! After a few long months of deliberation and consideration, the FREE version of Super Search 60 now features UNLIMITED play! There are no more restrictions on weekly play time, and anyone can now play offline and submit their scores as they sign back into Facebook at a later time. WOW!

But – how do we achieve this? Well, Super Search 60 is now supported by advertisements. We’ve done our best to ensure that the included adverts do not obstruct gameplay, and we’re really happy with the system. We’re still tuning the adverts – if you have any issues, please feel free to mail us at [email protected]

The previous “Unlimited/Paid” version of Super Search 60 is – of course – advert free. It’s been renamed to “Super Search 60 Pro”.

That’s the big one out of the way – but what about the other changes?

Well – Version 3.0 marks the first of our “object shuffles”! A couple of objects have been removed to make way for new objects. If we get positive feedback from this subtle shuffle, we’ll be making regular changes to the object line-up to keep the game fresh and exciting. It’s very obvious as to which two are the new ones – but can you figure out what’s been removed?

The old hint “whistle” has bitten the dust to make way for a new – friendlier – hint suggestion sound. Although skilled players rarely have to listen to the whistle sound, I felt sorry for the newer players. Let’s face it – it was a bit annoying! Hope the new sound is better.

To keep our players better informed of updates and new releases, we’ve modified the link on the title screen. We now encourage players to become fans of KlickTock directly. That way we can keep the little community all together. If you’re not already a fan of KlickTock on Facebook, please head over to the page via the “Facebook” link at the bottom left hand side of this webpage. Or: head to

As always, this is an game developed by an independent game developer. Please spread the word if you enjoy this game. Jump on Facebook, make some wall posts and encourage your friends to play against you.

Finally, for Super Search 60 fans, we’ve got some very exciting news about our upcoming game. Don’t worry – it will be FREE also! Please stay tuned to be the first to get your hands on our new title.

See you at the next update!