Doodle Find – more reviews!

More reviews are appearing each day. This time I have links to reviews from, and a nice piece I found on a blogger site titled “Don’t Tell Me Not To Fly”.

Games Uncovered had recently reviewed Super Search 60 and so took the time to explain the key differences between the titles. “The items are again, easily recognisable but still come in a number of different colours and orientations so they aren’t immediately obvious. Both games do a good job of making sure that you’re not finding the exact same objects round after round thanks to their extensive libraries of small graphics.”

Razorian Fly found the game thanks to a twitter connection and loved it! “The game is very addictive and one you will want to keep tapping ‘play again?’ over and over. To add to that, the game is actually free as well and with so many apps in the App Store at the moment, it is not often you come across a well designed, enjoyable game for FREE. This is one game I would have quite happily paid for.”

While searching for Doodle Find information I came across this blog where the writer had described their experiences discovering the game. I got a kick out of the post as it does a great job of summarising the Doodle Find experience. “I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for hidden object game! So this was perfect for me. Sometimes, I will feel like whacking myself on the head cause the item was STARING at me and yet I can’t seem to find it until the game prompt me! *ROARS!* But yes, it’s excellent!”

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