Discoverie #7DFPS

Discoverie is a beautiful dangerous voxel roguelike developed in just 7 days as a part of the #7DFPS Game Jam 2013. It was developed in collaboration with Melbourne artist and musican Ben Weatherall.

Explore an infinite procedurally generated dungeon inhabited by dangerous creatures. Experiment with the enemies and environment to uncover hidden keys. Inspired by a wide variety of sources including the non-linear first person shooters of Looking Glass, Jon Blow’s thoughts on “The Joy Of Discovery”, the peaceful lands of Proteus and the dangerous unpredictable world of Spelunky.

Discoverie 7DFPS Banner

Discoverie 7DFPS is available for free for PC Mac Web + Linux and features support for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset.

“If you have a play of any one of the games listed here, ensure that it is this one.” – Rock Paper Shotgun
“Meandering through the tight corridors and finding a new larger room that then opens up your mini-map further is pretty satisfying.” –
“It’s so many of my favourite things in one place I sort of had to include it.” – Eurogamer

Discoverie 7DFPS - Click here for secrets

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