Little Things Forever – Review Round Up

I can barely believe it’s already been a week since the launch of Little Things Forever. It’s been a hive of activity with both ups and downs. I was very disappointed to find the game crashing on iPod touch 4th Generations, but managed to expedite an update. Since then people all around the world have been leaving great reviews for Little Things Forever!

We also did a limited sale for the original Little Things, dropping the price to FREE for the first time. We got a great reception and saw thousands of downloads and Little Things returned to the charts across the world. Hopefully all these new players will also enjoy Little Things Forever.

There has also been a lot of press coverage and great reviews of Little Things!

First review was from Gamezebo who gave Little Things Forever a 5/5! Thanks to Eli for the write up.

AppSpy was also a 5/5! They’re a video review site (if you haven’t already visited them), so be sure to stop by their site to watch the review.

Julie from AppAdvice‘s write up is here.
AppAddict gave us 4/5.
Jay Is Games‘ John B gave us a great review. Thanks John!
Slide To Play also gave us 4 out of 5.
And 148Apps also gave us a great write up and 4.5/5!
Also, AppTudes had a 4/5 for us also.

As you know Little Things Forever has been localized into 11 (soon to be 12) languages, and we’ve been getting reviews from around the world.

Stromstock‘s 4 star review is here. While AppsJP gave us a score of 82/100.

App Gemeinde awarded us with 5.5/6 and even assisted us to clean up the German localization. Thanks Tobi!

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