features Super Search 60

Today (Thursday 1st April 2010), we’re very proud to announce that Super Search 60 is being featured on! Any new players signing in to Facebook today for the first time will receive 999 free minutes of play-time! Get over there and download it right now!

In addition to the special promotion for the free version, Super Search 60 – the Unlimited version – is currently 50% off. So, if you enjoy the game and want to support its future, don’t be afraid to click BUY! We have some great ideas on how to expand Super Search 60 and hope that the game does well that we can support it for years to come.

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App Safari reviews Super Search 60 – 5/5!

App Safari spent some quality time with Super Search 60 and found it to be one of the best Hidden Object titles for the iPhone/iPod touch.

“Speaking for myself, I love hidden object games, but I absolutely -hate- having to squint at a tiny, darkened image and worry that the game is going to punish my stubby finger’s attempt at precision tapping. Thankfully, Super Search 60 totally gets these concerns and creates a hidden object game that is gorgeously iPhone/iPod Touch compatible.”

We at KlickTock felt the same way about the genre and are happy we achieved our goal with the title! Thanks App Safari for reviewing our game!

Click HERE to visit to read the review. is Super Addicted to Super Search 60

Earlier today, posted their glowing review of Super Search 60. They really enjoyed our original take on the Hidden Object game genre.

In their review they mention that “it’s like opening a bag of potato chips, you won’t be able to play just one, before you know it that quick 60 second game will turn into 60 minutes or more. You have been warned…”

Thanks AppAddict for taking the time to review our game!

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AppSmile awards Super Search 60 with 5/5!

AppSmile recently reviewed Super Search 60 giving it a glowing review.

In their review they suggest that Where’s Waldo, currently riding high at the top of the charts, should step aside to make way for our game! *Crosses fingers*. Praise was also given for the integration of Facebook Connect to incorporate trophies and leaderboards.

Thanks AppSmile for taking the time to review Super Search 60!

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Apps and Hats and Super Search 60

Super Search 60 was recently reviewed by the team at Apps and Hats! If you haven’t heard of this dynamic duo, they’re a weekly video blog exploring some of the more obscure corners of the Apple App Store.

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Super Search 60 Sale!

Today (Wednesday 17th March 2010), Super Search 60 is being featured on and with a special promotion. Any new players signing in to Facebook today will receive 999 minutes of play-time!

If any players reading this have so far resisted signing into Facebook, today is the day! Sign-in and experience Super Search 60 as it was meant to be. Compete against your friends in the weekly tournament or try your hand at the new global leaderboard. Can you get to #1?

In addition to the special free promotion, Super Search 60 – the Unlimited version – is currently 50% off. So, if you enjoy the game and want to contribute to its future, don’t be afraid to click BUY!

Both of these sites are new and deserve your support, so be sure to bookmark them and download their free games in the future!

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Super Search 60 V2.0 – Global Leaderboard!

KlickTock is happy to announce that Super Search 60 has reached V2.0. The most important new item is the new Global Leaderboard. Click “Top Scores” to access. You’ll then be able to browse through the Top 40 players for the current week. If you make the grade you’ll find a “Post To Facebook” button appear at the bottom of the screen so all your friends will know about your new achievement!

We’ve also made improvements to the offline mode. Scores earned while offline are now saved to the device permanently, so those without Facebook accounts can at least compete with themselves.

Additionally, if you own the Unlimited version of Super Search 60, then scores earned while offline are now submitted to the server next time you connect to Facebook. Great for those of you playing on a train, in the air, or in a nuclear strength bunker.

A crash bug was found and fixed which occasionally popped up when playing the game on an unstable network. Thanks to TouchArcade’s Coldar for helping me track that one down. There’s also many other general fixes and performance improvements.

In case you haven’t yet downloaded Super Search 60, click HERE.

Casual Gamer Chick addicted to Super Search 60

Thanks to Jennifer at Casual Gamer Chick for covering Super Search 60!

An excerpt from her review: “Over all, Super Search 60 is fun and addicting. It is hard to just play one round of the game and put it down. The games are short and happen in 60 seconds, but before you know it you have spent and hour playing the game.”

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Interview with Matthew Hall on

Matthew Hall was recently interviewed by Jason Hill of The Age to discuss game development in a part of the world where the nearest McDonald’s is 100km away!

As well as talking about life on the farm, there’s discussion about video game censorship in Australia, the effect of the Global Financial Crisis on local developers, and Film Victoria’s video game development funds.

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Super Search 60 V1.2

Another update has been released for Super Search 60.

This update addresses a crash bug found by those in regions that use the Euro in their app store. Apologies for the inconvenience. If you had trouble with Super Search 60 in the past, please update and take another look!

The Hint system has also been modified, making hints far less ‘aggressive’ for new players. Hopefully this will make the game more enjoyable for new players.

This version also marked the update of our icon from drab old grey to a shining new blue background. Look a lot nicer, and hopefully will encourage more people to try the game.

Just to note, if any of you out there have had troubles, or are still having troubles getting Super Search 60, please don’t be afraid to mail in. No problem is too small to fix!