ZONR reviewed by Touch Arcade

Those who love iPhone games will certainly know of the website Touch Arcade. They have just posted a fantastic review of ZONR and it’s my first time appearing on their website.

They call ZONR “A fantastic puzzle-arcade collaboration” giving praise for the gameplay, graphics and most importantly, the soundtrack provided by Disasterpeace.

Here’s an excerpt from the review: “As you play ZONR, the sounds play back with cheery notes that fit beautifully with the music. So each time you correctly choose the largest piece, you’re rewarded, and each time you miss you’re punished with a discordant note. The screen shakes, flashing red, and worse – your multiplier falls. This is one of those arcade games, the ones that let you build up incredible scores by playing perfectly, but that will grab that score back as soon as you make a mistake.”

Click here to visit Touch Arcade and read the full review.

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