ZONR reviewed by JayIsGames

Another big thank you today for one of my favourite websites, JayIsGames.com, who just gave ZONR a great review!

John B, the reviewer said, “The simple reflex game is focused on quick recognition skills, challenging you to act fast, act decisively, and recover from your mistakes without hesitation. Stressful? Never! More fun than it ought to be? You bet!”

Click HERE to visit JayIsGames.com to read the full review.

ZONR reviewed by Touch Arcade

Those who love iPhone games will certainly know of the website Touch Arcade. They have just posted a fantastic review of ZONR and it’s my first time appearing on their website.

They call ZONR “A fantastic puzzle-arcade collaboration” giving praise for the gameplay, graphics and most importantly, the soundtrack provided by Disasterpeace.

Here’s an excerpt from the review: “As you play ZONR, the sounds play back with cheery notes that fit beautifully with the music. So each time you correctly choose the largest piece, you’re rewarded, and each time you miss you’re punished with a discordant note. The screen shakes, flashing red, and worse – your multiplier falls. This is one of those arcade games, the ones that let you build up incredible scores by playing perfectly, but that will grab that score back as soon as you make a mistake.”

Click here to visit Touch Arcade and read the full review.

ZONR earns a perfect score from Gamezebo

The first review of ZONR has appeared on the internet, and it’s a perfect score! Gamezebo awarded ZONR a 5/5 noting that it’s the epitome of what a mobile game should be.

Here’s an excerpt from the review: “ZONR is a rare treat. It’s a game so intuitive that it doesn’t even require instructions, yet so challenging that you’ll find yourself cursing out loud at your inability to do the one simple task it asks of you. It’s colourful, fast-paced, perfect for quick gameplay bursts, and nearly impossible to put down. Oh – and did we mention it’s free?”

Click HERE to visit gamezebo.com to read the full review.

ZONR™ now available.

The 17th of November 2011 has come up faster than I expected and I’m now happy to announce that ZONR is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

Please if you’re reading this, please pick up your favorite Apple device and download ZONR. It’s FREE. And, the more people who download it at once, the higher up the app store charts it will go.

Also, spread the word about our new game. Make use of Game Center, the new iOS 5 Twitter functions, and the email to challenge your friends to a game of ZONR today.

Click HERE to download ZONR for iPhone/iPod and iPad.

ZONR™ submitted to Apple

After a much longer development period that originally intended, ZONR has just been submitted to Apple for review. Development on ZONR began on the 2nd of August 2011 and completed on the 1st of November. If you’re interested in more about the day to day development you can read my developer diary on Gamezebo here.

The extra time put into making the game look, sound and play great has paid off and I can’t wait until you all can play it!


ZONR™ is a frantic action puzzle game from KlickTock. Available as a Universal app running on iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

The rules are simple – TOUCH THE LARGEST ZONE. In just 90 seconds try to earn 500,000 points. Featuring music from DISASTERPEACE.


Gamezebo 5/5 – “Offering quick sessions, intuitive gameplay, and fast-paced, challenging fun, it’s the epitome of what a mobile game should be.”

Touch Arcade – “I think it’s fair to say by now that KlickTock is a master of creating tiny slices of gaming.”

ZONR. Download from the App Store.