Play Deck War at PAX Australia

Deck War is coming to PAX! Both Matthew Hall and Ben Weatherall will be attending the first ever PAX Australia in Melbourne from July 19th to July 21st. Deck War will be playable at the Indie Pavilion along with many other Australian developed games.

We’ll be giving away Deck War badges and beta invitations on the show floor. Pick up your invite and sign up online to receive two special cards available when the game launches.

Deck War Finley And Flora First

Deck War™

Deck War is an upcoming collectible card game from KlickTock. You will play a deck god able to summon an army trapped within cursed cards to fight for your cause. Drag and drop cards from your collection into the battlefield and watch fantastic creatures spring to life and do battle. Hundreds of cards will be available to collect and fuse from a variety of factions within the beautifully realized world.

Deck War is currently in development and will be available in 2015.