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About KlickTock

KlickTock is an Australia independent video game company located in regional Victoria. It's staffed solely by Matthew Hall, a veteran games developer who has designed and programmed games since he was 8. KlickTock has had three #1 games on the App Store out of five and their games have had over 10 million downloads worldwide. KlickTock was officially founded in July 2009 but Little Things was developed for a year beginning in the middle of 2008. Matthew had, before this developed games for Australian developers Tantalus Interactive and Big Ant Studios. Casual games had started to appear on the scene in a big way and Matthew had found himself playing and enjoying quite a lot of them in his spare time. Realising that the age of the bedroom developer was dawning again, he saw a change to live a lifelong dream of building and selling a game entirely by himself like his heroes from the age of the Commodore 64. He and his pregnant wife, Bee, packed up and moved back to the family sheep farm in Edenhope, Victoria on the same day the App Store launched in 2008. Little Things was released on PC at the end of 2009 on Big Fish Games but was not a success and a year of hard work seemed to be wasted. Throughout the year the App Store had grown in leaps and bounds and it was while visiting the Casual Connect conference in Seattle in 2009 that the future seemed clear. Matthew attended a session and sat up the back to see half the audience fiddling with their iPhones. Super Search 60 was an attempt to take a hidden object game, boil it down to its essence and make it playable in just 60 seconds. As is the tradition in development for the App Store, Super Search 60 received update after update to try to find the magic formula that would make the game a success. A few months down the track Doodle Find, the "perfected" sequel to Super Search 60 was released and was a smash hit around the world. Doodle Find has since had three million downloads. During the same period the iPad was released and Matthew saw potential in attempting to revive Little Things on a device that seemed almost built with the game in mind. On release Little Things was Apple's "iPad App of The Week" and rose quickly up the charts in all territories. It became the #1 Kids Game around the world and topped the charts in several countries. As with many game developers, the next year was spent on several projects which have yet to see the light of day. Finally ZONR, an innovative and primal puzzle game was released in November 2011 to KlickTock's best ever reviews. A puzzle "art" game inspired by Matthew favourite illustrator Serge Seidlitz. And, in June 2012 the sequel to KlickTock's smash hit was released. "Little Things Forever" attempted to solve the issues of the original by adding full localization and ensuring the game was playable on iPhone as well as iPad. PC and Mac versions followed soon after. In the closing days of 2012, Little Things Forever for Android was released for free. After being featured by Google Play the game achieved half a million downloads in less than a week and March 2013 saw Little Things Forever featured as Apple's Free App of the Week. Little Things Forever is now available in 20 languages and is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac and Linux. In September of 2012, Matthew and his family moved from the family farm to somewhere a little closer to civilization; a 7 acre farmlet located just north of Ballarat, Victoria.


Little Things (PC, iPad) October 2009 Super Search 60 (iPhone, iPad) February 2010 Doodle Find (iPhone, iPad) May 2010 ZONR (iPhone, iPad) November 2011 Little Things Forever (iPhone, iPad) June 2012 Little Things Forever (Google Play) December 2012 Little Things Forever (PC, Mac, Linux) August 2013 Discoverie (PC/Mac/Linux/Web + Oculus Rift) August 2013



Matthew Hall - Little Things Forever


2010 - Freeplay Finalist, Best Art in a Game for Doodle Find. 2011 - Film Victoria's Tim Richards award for outstanding achievement in digital media. 2012 - Freeplay Finalist, Best Australian Game and Best Art in a game for Little Things Forever.

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"About 6 months ago, at a friend’s party, an idea popped into my head. A standard grid filled with icons, but with the aim is to find the largest contiguous connected list of shapes."